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2020 Policies Update

April 15, 2019

As a general friendly reminder:

-      All members get one guest pass each calendar month!  Guest passes reset the first of each month.  Guest passes don’t roll over, so bring in your friend or family member today!

-      We are a dog friendly business!  One of the perks of climbing at BaseCamp is the ability to bring our pups!  However, please make sure you are respectful of other climbers, children and dogs. All dogs in the gym must be leashed and secured at all times.  BaseCamp provides weights to tie dogs off to around the gym.  We do not want to revoke this awesome privilege, so please respect our policies and staff if asked to secure your dog.  

-      Members get 10% off in the BaseCamp Pro Shop! Stock up on all the climbing gear, snacks and Reno/Tahoe goodies you need for the upcoming year! Discount applies to all purchases made with credit/debit cards.

-      Members receive complimentary guide book rentals and 10% off crash pad rentals!  Reserve your next outdoor climbing adventure today and chat with staff for recommendations!

-      BaseCamp is an assisted break device facility. Heading out to rope climb on our 70’ walls?  Make sure you are belay certified (take a test with our staff for free!) and are using an assisted break belay device.  We do not permit belaying with a basic tubular style device, however BaseCamp has complimentary GriGri and ATC pilots available for guest and member use.

-      Free parking!  Bring in your parking ticket stub from the WPH garage (entrance on E. Plaza St.) for validation at the BaseCamp front desk.


New policies, to be implemented January 1st:

-      One membership discount per person. Any industry discounts will be applied to adult rates.  BaseCamp staff will work with guests to determine what discount is the best deal!

-      New Membership Freezing Policy.  We will be aligning with climbing industry standards and begin implementing freeze fees:  freezing can only be applied to EFT and Annual memberships.  Each respective freeze will cost a onetime charge of $8.

-      Membership Change Requests.  Need to freeze or cancel your membership?  Update your address, billing info or name?  See the kiosks at the desk to complete an electronic request to update your account.  

-      EFT pro-rate.  At membership signup, EFT memberships will pay a $20 initiation fee as well as a pro-rated amount for the remaining days of the month prior to the next billing date.  All future dues will be charged on the 10th of the month.

-      Removal of our gym member discount.  In updating our pricing structure, we are eliminating the gym member discount for all new sign ups/day passes.  Previous EFT gym members will be updated to regular Adult EFT pricing by May 1st.


Thanks for your understanding!  If you have any questions or concerns about existing or new policies, please reach out to BaseCampSales@whitneypeakhotel.com.  We hope you have an awesome New Year, and hope BaseCamp can help you reach your 2020 climbing and fitness goals!

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