Three Curved Birchwood Boulders Ranging from 12' to 15' 6"


  • Competition Ready
  • Premieum Habit Flooring
  • Dedicated Kids Room with 8'6" to 12' 6" Baltic Birch Walls & Habit Flooring
  • slack-line
  • complimentary towel & Locker Service
  • weekly setting schedule for regular gym turnover
  • cave area
  • rings and ropes foradditional training
  • three hangboards, pegboard and campus board in designated training area
"Designed by Vertical Solutions, our boulders are as beautiful as they are steep."

All Levels Welcome

Basecamp boulders were designed with the intent of functioning as both an accessible intro for beginner climbers, as well as a training ground for world-class professional athletes. Our boulders feature beautifully curved angles that range from slabs to steep cave overhangs. The angles alone present a unique climbing experience, but when coupled with our creative, skilled and passionate route setting team, climbers are sure to have a great time flowing through moves or being challenged by difficult problems.

Customer Service

Our team takes pride in providing the best customer service possible and creating a community-oriented environment/experience that you will not often experience in a climbing facility!  We focus on making our climbs as creative and enjoyable as possible, all while catering to our local climbing community!

(775) 398-5443